Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Madeline Leigh Malcolm knew her life was anything but normal. She loved growing up in the Victorian B&B that had been in her family for generations. After returning home from college, Maddi prepared to open the business she'd dreamt of for so long. With construction almost complete, she was focused on the Grand Opening and her cousin's upcoming wedding. Her days were planned out...until Chance Albright came to town. One look into the handsome stranger's eyes and Maddi knew her life was about to change.

Magnolia Bay, Alabama, may seem like a quaint little tourist town but there is much to be discovered within the walls of the Magnolia Bay B&B that sits along the shoreline watching over the people who flock to the jetty for the most amazing Sunset Celebration for miles. After the sun dips behind the horizon of the ocean; the Magnolia Bay Circle of Witches cast their worries to the moon and give thanks for all they have while bathing in the glorious glow of the moonlight among the sweet aroma of the magnolia blossoms.

Magnolias in Moonlight is a story about overcoming your fears, learning to trust your visions, and letting go of the past. Join three generations of Crowe women as they discover that nothing is stronger than the love of your family, friends, and even enemies.

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  1. I cannot wait to read this one. Sounds very intriguing.